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To function correctly the spine must be supple and elastic. Loss of this supple elasticity is natural with time and age and can be greatly accelerated by inflammatory conditions and injury. As the spine stiffens, the joints of the lumbar-sacral and dorsal-cervical junctions become increasingly overworked and overstressed. Pain, stretched ligaments, excessive wear and tear, and disc prolapse are a natural consequence of overwork and overstressing of these joints.

Ideally, supple elasticity should be restored before structural damage occurs. Failing that, the restoration of supple elasticity allows healing processes to do their work unhampered by the continual overwork and overstressing of the affected joints. The ability of the system to heal itself and adapt is remarkable, providing that the overwork and overstressing is halted. Conversely, if the overwork and overstressing is allowed to continue, then further joint degeneration is inevitable.

Traditionally, osteopaths use their hands to restore mobility. The problem is that in order to achieve optimum effectiveness this requires more strength and stamina than is humanly possible. This is where Theraflex comes in.

The first consultation

As you would expect, your first consultation begins with an assessment of your condition and a general examination. Obviously, it is vital to check that your problem is biomechanical and that there is no reason why you shouldn't undergo physical therapy. If there is any cause for concern you will be referred to your GP. testimonial

Assuming that the therapist believes treatment will be effective you will then have your first session with the Theraflex.

The procedure is gentle, passive and progressive - in many respects like having a massage. The key benefit of the motorised fingers is that they always exert the required pressure. The therapist controls the strength, nature and location of this pressure but does not have to worry about fatigue. You will lie on your front and the Theraflex equipment will be applied to the appropriate areas of your back and neck.

Subsequent consultations

For some people one treatment brings considerable relief and is quite sufficient, although it is better not to stop at this as most people need at least 3 - 5  treatments to make the spine supple so that the problem does not return.  It is recommended  that patients come back on a regular basis for a spinal reconditioning programme in order to optimise their spine's suppleness and elasticity.

Our first consultation takes longer to include a case history and subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.  


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