What is the Theraflex?

The Theraflex has been called the bionic hand. It has 4 pistons powered by compressed air, making it light , safe, efficient and more effective than the hands alone to restore mobility to the joints of the spine. The condition of every joint is felt through the handset, so the therapist knows problem areas within the spine requiring attention. theraflex handset showing pistons

In traditional manual therapy techniques, therapists use their fingers to apply mobilizing force directly to the fixed joints. Whilst this procedure is good in principle, it fails because the joints in the spine are much bigger and tougher than the joints in the fingers, many therapists destroy their hands in the attempt but the task is hopeless.

Authoritative literature states that 95% of all back problems are of a mechanical nature.

To function correctly the spine must be supple and elastic like the spine of a healthy teenager.

As the spine loses supple elasticity the joints in the lower back and base of the neck become more and more overworked and stressed. Loss of supple elasticity is natural with time and age and is often accelerated by poor posture and a sedentary lifestyle. The solution to back and neck pain is to restore balance between supple elasticity and strength throughout the spine, this will eliminate the overstressing of the spinal joints in the neck and lower back.

This is where the theraflex is very effective.

theraflex handset in useHow the Theraflex machine works

The Theraflex device activates a deep spinal reflex by tapping specific points of the vertebrae to move apart and then alternatively back towards correct positioning, thus springing the spinal joints back towards their normal physiological range, in other words, it helps to realign the spine quickly and effectively and with remarkable ease and comfort.

The patient lies down on their stomach on the special couch and the theraflex device is used up and down the spine. It is also particularly good for loosening up tight, tense spasmodic muscles.

Theraflex is safe with pacemakers as there is no electricity going through the patient.  It is best avoided when the patient knows they are pregnant, where more traditional therapy may be used in conjunction with the equipment.   It is safe with osteoporosis, although would be used very lightly depending on the loss of bone density.

The theraflex treatment will make the spine more supple, should any surgical intervention etc. be needed.

I work on the whole spine concentrating on the stiffened segments of the spine mobilising them to get them to work more efficiently. The lack of movement in an area has to be compensated everytime we bend etc. and most commonly this compensation is done by the base of the spine.  If we mobilise all the stiffened segments in the spine, which we can with the Theraflex equipment, we can now get the whole spine working more efficiently.   therapy couch

The theraflex equipment is a major advancement in the treatment of spinal problems. I work on the whole spine getting it to work as nature intended.  This is all achieved in approximately five sessions so you are back to work or sport quicker.

The procedure does not treat joint degeneration.

Our aim is to improve suppleness and flexibility of the spine but note:

    There is no magic manipulation or electrotherapy device that can reverse joint degeneration
    The important thing is to halt the overwork and over stressing of the affected joint
    Even patients with severe levels of joint degeneration can enjoy a pain free and active life, provided that an adequate level of supple elasticity is maintained.


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